Hey everyone, what's up?πŸ‘‹

I'm Pedro Vitorino, I'm a software engineer and I work principally with frontend web development. I started on IT in the year 2009, when I had my first contact with programming and started delving into technology.

I'm an huge enthusiatisc of all things programming, over the past few years I've been specializing on frontend web development, but I keep an habit of exploring other fields, specially software architecture, code design and DevOps.

I believe that technology communities are awesome spaces of colaboration, so I like to actively take part on tech events and meetups. More recently I started creating my own talks and articles on technologies that I use.

What do I work with?πŸ’Ό

Today I work as a Digital Analyst, with a focus on frontend development, at McKinsey. Over the past few years I've been working mainly with Angular and React, but I'm really curious about the whole Javascript ecosystem, so I study other frameworks and technologies as well.

Main toolsπŸ”§


  • Angular / Material / Angular Elements
  • React / React Hooks / Gatsby
  • Redux / RxJS
  • Typescript / Javascript


  • Java / Spring / Hibernate
  • Relational DBs / DynamoDB / MongoDB


  • AWS / EC2 / RDS / S3
  • Azure pipelines / Azure API Management
  • Github / Git Actions

Fields of interestπŸ€”

I have interest in working a few different skills, among them:

  • TDD / BDD
  • Docker / Kubernets
  • A11y
  • Web components

Academic backgroundπŸŽ“

Certification on Systems Analysis and Development for Business Management by the Instituto Federal do TriΓ’ngulo Mineiro. Bacharelor's degree of Information Systems on the Universidade Federal de UberlΓ’ndia.

As a final project for my certification, I used Python and data analysis techniques to identify the profile of students that drop out of Computer Science undergrad courses in Brazil.

Personal projectsπŸ’­

Angular 9 & IvyπŸ’¬
Talk on Angular 9 new features, specially its new compiler, Ivy.
Creating PWAs with AngularπŸ’¬
Talk explaining Progressive Web Apps and how to transform your Angular app into a PWA.
LotR PWAβš—
An app created to apply the concepts of PWAs with Angular and Lord of the Rings πŸ€”
Git - What you need to know to work on a teamπŸ“
Short article on how to use git to work on development teams.
Developed by Pedro Vitorino. πŸ˜€